Natural, respectful & unobtrusive wedding photography in Scotland


My wedding photography has taught me that the most important thing about achieving natural photographs, that don’t look staged or unflattering, is letting your photographer into your life; just enough so that they can feel what it’s like to live in your world for a day and portray you as your true selves. Being ‘at one’ with your photographer requires you to establish a relationship with them where you feel comfortable in their presence. This rarely just happens and it takes just a little time and effort from you and me.

I can’t express the gratification I get from couples who feel that I have given them a set of photographs that portray them as themselves, rather than being told to smile at the camera or pose a certain way to emulate a catalogue look, which for most people just looks unnatural or contrived. So I developed a method which ensures that all clients who work with me are able to achieve truly natural wedding photographs without having to think about what they do to look good in front of the camera. A key part of the process is the engagement photoshoot (or pre-wedding practice photoshoot), which I offer for no-obligation as part of our initial consultation. Before asking you to commit to having me as your photographer, I want to meet you to get to know you and understand what you really need from your wedding photography. I find for most people a big part of what they need is to relax on the day and actually not have to worry about the photographs.

If you visit me for an in-person consultation (usually in the Morningside area of Edinburgh), I promise that we’re going to make some beautifully natural photographs of you as a couple, in a beautiful location and in an unobtrusive and respectful way that makes you feel confident that it’s actually possible to capture your personality as a couple in photographs.

And if we do, then that’s the proof that you need to be confident that you’ve found the right wedding photographer. If everything seems good, then we’ll go on to identify your ideal wedding photography package.

I hope you enjoy finding out a bit more about my style and approach and hope to hear from you soon.

Happy planning!



Dave Stewart
Owner of Studio 2 Photography


My wedding photography services are based around seven core values:

1: Every engaged couple is unique,
2: Every family is unique,
3: Every wedding is unique,
4: I will listen to your needs,
5: I will respect you,
6: Your wedding photography is an ongoing, two-way process,
7: You must feel relaxed and at ease on your wedding day.

"We appreciated your patience, kindness, and flexibility throughout the wedding. It was great to have you as my photographer - you were very considerate and helpful and my family and friends commented on how good you were at approaching us at the right moment with gentle manner. I really appreciated your kindness and I was impressed with how timely, thorough and efficient you were. You were unobtrusive but always appeared at just the right moment. "

Lee & Robert, married in St Andrews, July 2017


During your wedding day you will go through a range of emotions; the anticipation and excitement of your preparations; the nervous moment before you walk down the aisle; the tears of joy as you declare your vows to the love of your life; the fun of celebrating the start of your next chapter in your lifetime together.

As your wedding photographer you have given me an all access pass to capture all of these moments that make your day extra special, but it's also very important to me that your day doesn't revolve around the photographs. 

I will work in a non-intrusive way, remaining 'small' to allow people to relax and let their emotions show.

This approach makes for relaxed, natural and candid photographs.





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