Lauriston Castle Photoshoot
April 25, 2020 by Dave in Other Work 0 Comments

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Toftcombs Mansion House Wedding – Victoria & Matthew
October 9, 2018 by Dave in Real Weddings 1 Comment

Victoria & Matthew’s Wedding Biggar Parish Kirk and Toftcombs Mansion House, 10th October 2018 Here’s a sneak peek of their gin inspired wedding at their beautiful family home.  

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Principal Hotel Edinburgh Wedding – Amaranta & James
September 17, 2018 by Dave in Real Weddings 0 Comments

Amaranta & James’s Wedding Principal Hotel Edinburgh, 14th September 2018 SNEAK PEEK  

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EIF Virgin Money Fireworks Concert
August 30, 2018 by Dave in Uncategorized 0 Comments

I was lucky enough to witness this year’s Edinburgh International Festival Virgin Money Fireworks Concert 2018 from the vantage point of the Press area. The Scottish Chamber Orchestra played five movements from Holst – The Planets with the fireworks show expertly designed and executed by Pyrovision. It was an incredible display. All images on this website are available for licensing, please email to enquire.

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How much should I spend on a wedding photographer?
August 25, 2018 by Dave in Advice 0 Comments

Let's talk pricing. First up, there is no-one who can tell you what your wedding photography is worth to you; and I'm certainly not going to try to do this.  What I can do is share with you fact-based information to help inform if you're not sure what you should be budgeting. In this article we'll talk about industry survey data and I'll also share what my current clients are spending on my services. But before we go into that, I want to address a number of articles that I've found recently on the internet, mainly written by other photographers, laying out various options in terms of price and trying to educate you on why some people charge much less than others. They'll explain things in terms of experience of the photographer and whether or not they are a full-time wedding photographer and delve into costs of running a business etc. etc. then relate that back to the price you can expect to pay. This is all very well and good, but it's not really very ground-breaking stuff to say that photographers that have been around a while, are well respected and working full-time on weddings are going to be charging more than someone fresh out of college and […]

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How to Appriase A Wedding Photographer
August 25, 2018 by Dave in Advice 0 Comments

Okay, so you've probably looked through quite a few wedding photography websites and seen so much beautiful work from some great photographers. It all looks great to you, but how do you appraise their work in the most meaningful way for you and your fiancé, so that you don't end up going round in circles, undecided about which photographers you should get in touch with. Hopefully this blog will help. Here is a trusted 3 step method for identifying your ideal shortlist of photographers. Are you ready to start narrowing your options quick-style? Read on. Step 1: Look at a photographer’s online gallery the right way Trust your instinct.Before you click through to their gallery, clear your mind try not to overthink anything. As you look through their photos tune in to how they make you feel rather then the way they look. If you feel good then this is a great sign, if you don’t, move on.
If you are resonating with the majority of a photographer's gallery and they feel right for you and your fiancé, then you have found a potential photographer. Step 2: Appraise one or two full weddingsThis one’s about storytellingIt’s only natural that a photographer will showcase their best […]

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Inchcolm Abbey Wedding Photography – Desi & Chris
August 10, 2018 by Dave in Real Weddings 1 Comment

Desi & Chris’s Wedding Inchcolm Abbey , 8th August 2018 SNEAK PEEK

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Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding Photography – Anna & Sascha
July 23, 2018 by Dave in Real Weddings 0 Comments

Anna & Sascha’s Wedding Edinburgh City Chambers, 21st July 2018 Anna & Sascha are a lovely couple from Germany who told me, as soon as we first chatted, that they “feel like they are coming home when they visit Edinburgh”. After a lovely, intimate service with their close family and friends at the City Chambers, they really wanted couple’s photos that captured the essence and the feel of Edinburgh. So we spent over an hour walking the busy streets of the city centre and incorporating some of the unique architecture that Edinburgh offers. The couple, who are clearly madly in love, embraced the chance to grab some stunning shots that capture their love, not just for each other, but also for ‘Auld Reekie’ itself.   SNEAK PEAK

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Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding Photography – Sarah & Rod
July 5, 2018 by Dave in Real Weddings 0 Comments

Sarah & Rod’s Wedding Edinburgh City Chambers, 30th June 2018     SNEAK PEAK

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Engagement Shoot with Rachael, Matt and Abel the Dog

Engagement Shoot with Rachael, Matt and Abel the Dog Rachael & Matt recently booked in for a photoshoot to celebrate their engagement in Paris in September 2017. When they said that they would love to include their adorable pug Abel in their engagement photoshoot I couldn’t possibly say no! We went for a stroll in a local woodland area which is perfect for dog walkers and we got some beautiful summer evening light to work with (you always get interesting light in wooded areas!). I explained to them that the session would be really laid back and that all I needed them to do was take a relaxed stroll and enjoy the scenery. I never provide ‘direction’ to the couples I work with. Rather I just wanted Rachael, Matt and Abel just to be them to be themselves; to do whatever they normally would without a camera there.   Not many of my engaged couples have brought their dog along but I’m hoping some more do soon! It was a great session and they all seemed to really enjoy the experience. Here’s the feedback I received from Rachael & Matt: “We really enjoyed the photoshoot and were instantly made to […]

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