How much should I spend on a wedding photographer?
August 25, 2018 by Dave in Advice 0 Comments

Let's talk pricing.First up, there is no-one who can tell you what your wedding photography is worth to you; and I'm certainly not going to try to do this. What I can do is share with you fact-based information to help inform if you're not sure what you should be budgeting. In this article we'll talk about industry survey data and I'll also share what my current clients are spending on my services.But before we go into that, I want to address a number of articles that I've found recently on the internet, mainly written by other photographers, laying out various options in terms of price and trying to educate you on why some people charge much less than others. They'll explain things in terms of experience of the photographer and whether or not they are a full-time wedding photographer and delve into costs of running a business etc. etc. then relate that back to the price you can expect to pay. This is all very well and good, but it's not really very ground-breaking stuff to say that photographers that have been around a while, are well respected and working full-time on weddings are going to be charging more than someone fresh out of college and […]

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How to Appriase A Wedding Photographer
August 25, 2018 by Dave in Advice 0 Comments

Okay, so you've probably looked through quite a few wedding photography websites and seen so much beautiful work from some great photographers. It all looks great to you, but how do you appraise their work in the most meaningful way for you and your fiancé, so that you don't end up going round in circles, undecided about which photographers you should get in touch with.Hopefully this blog will help.Here is a trusted 3 step method for identifying your ideal shortlist of photographers. Are you ready to start narrowing your options quick-style? Read on.Step 1: Look at a photographer’s online gallery the right wayTrust your instinct.Before you click through to their gallery, clear your mind try not to overthink anything. As you look through their photos tune in to how they make you feel rather then the way they look. If you feel good then this is a great sign, if you don’t, move on.
If you are resonating with the majority of a photographer's gallery and they feel right for you and your fiancé, then you have found a potential photographer. Step 2: Appraise one or two full weddingsThis one’s about storytellingIt’s only natural that a photographer will showcase their best […]

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Wedding Albums vs. Digital Files
December 18, 2017 by Dave in Advice 0 Comments

The digital world is pretty amazing when you think about it. Almost everything we do these days has some sort of app that makes it easier/possible/cheaper. In terms of wedding photography, you are going to get hundreds and hundreds of photos of one of the most important days of your life, and it’s fantastic! All those little moments that unfolded on the day captured forever in pictures, and some of which you probably weren’t even aware happened! All presented in your digital photo gallery for you to share with family and friends. But maybe there’s something missing…an actual physical album. I find that most people really love the idea of having a wedding album but maybe wonder if it is worth it. In this short article I’m going to set out the benefits of digital files and printed albums, so that you can decide what’s important to you. Benefits of Digital files Almost all wedding photographers will provide a USB drive so that you have your own copy of your images to keep on your computer, tablet or phone and it feels reassuring to have your own copy of all of your wedding photos. Most wedding photographers also provide an […]

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Finding the right wedding photographer for you
December 17, 2017 by Dave in Advice 2 Comments

There are so many wedding photographers and packages to choose from and when you google “how to choose my wedding photographer” - an overwhelming amount of advice floods into your life! How on earth do you trawl through it all? The good news is that a lot of this ‘advice’ is simply not worth worrying about, but there are some things that matter. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed?Let’s break it down…First up, the truth is that there is no wedding photographer who is right for everyone. Almost every other wedding photographer I see at the moment is trying to appeal to as many people as possible.  There is some logic here but think of it this way; if every photographer appealed to everyone, then there would be no need to be different. Every client would be pretty much the same and every wedding photograph would be generic and bland. But the world isn’t like this and you need to find the photographer that understands what makes you unique.You also need to be really clear in your mind about what you need. GAINING CLARITYWhat’s really important to you? I want to share a real-life story.When my wife Sam and I were in […]

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