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Over my time as a wedding photographer I have learned that the most important thing about achieving those natural looking photographs, that don’t look staged or unflattering, is letting your photographer into your life, just enough, so that they can feel what it’s like to live in your world for a day and portray you as your true selves. When you find the right person that you trust and 'click' with, honestly, the photos will take care of themselves. But no photographer is right for everyone and so we need to find out if we 'gel', and that means a little bit of effort from both of us.

You are absolutely welcome to contact me using either Facebook Messenger or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page, but if you like my photography style and really want to kick start the process then why not book an in-person consultation with me in the Morningside area of Edinburgh. If you're up for it we can even include a mini practice photoshoot to get you comfortable in front of the camera!

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"It was really great to meet up with Dave for the in-person meeting and get a first-hand idea of his style, method and his view through the lens. The experience of the session was wonderful, Dave captured some great photos of us which we can now use as part of our wedding invitations & wedding website. Dave made us feel completely at ease with the idea of being photographed and we were so happy with the photos that we decided to book him as our wedding photographer."

Yasmeen & Ryan, due to be married at Loch Lomond, April 2019.


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