Engagement Shoot with Rachael, Matt and Abel the Dog

Engagement Shoot with Rachael, Matt and Abel the Dog

Engagement Shoot with Rachael, Matt and Abel the Dog

Rachael & Matt recently booked in for a photoshoot to celebrate their engagement in Paris in September 2017. When they said that they would love to include their adorable pug Abel in their engagement photoshoot I couldn’t possibly say no! We went for a stroll in a local woodland area which is perfect for dog walkers and we got some beautiful summer evening light to work with (you always get interesting light in wooded areas!).

I explained to them that the session would be really laid back and that all I needed them to do was take a relaxed stroll and enjoy the scenery. I never provide ‘direction’ to the couples I work with. Rather I just wanted Rachael, Matt and Abel just to be them to be themselves; to do whatever they normally would without a camera there.

Very near the start of the shoot. We captured a lovely interaction, Abel had run off ahead.

But he was soon back in his favourite spot.

I love the look they’re giving each other here, and the light was awesome.

And just a moment later, true personality coming through in this one.

Abel on the run…

The couple clearly adore their boy!


Doing tricks for treats.

We couldn’t resist posing one shot of him. In return for a treat, of course!

Something tells me Abel has a habit of doing this!

One for the family album.

Not many of my engaged couples have brought their dog along but I’m hoping some more do soon! It was a great session and they all seemed to really enjoy the experience. Here’s the feedback I received from Rachael & Matt:

“We really enjoyed the photoshoot and were instantly made to feel comfortable by Dave. He was respectful of our space during the shoot and allowed the moments to happen naturally allowing us to get some really beautiful shots. Dave was very accommodating and allowed us to bring our wee fur baby along, making it perfect for us. Our boy Abel (our pug) took to him really well also so this allowed us to get beautiful family shots. The shoot wouldn’t have felt right without Abel there. Dave engaged with Abel throughout, bringing out his inner model and we got some really good shots of him also. To be fair he kind of stole the show. It was a really great experience.”

My pre-wedding photoshoots are very relaxed so that we can capture little snap-shots of your personality, rather than feeling you have to ‘play up’ to the camera. You certainly don’t need to have a dog, but if you do then why not bring them along too! If you are interested in a no-obligation practice session before your wedding click here to enquire.



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