Julie & Rob's Wedding

Saturday 19th May 2018 · Dunglass Estate

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Is it possible to password-protect the page

Can we customise the RSVP form to collect menu options?

could it literally be any available custom domain that we could use?e.g. julieandrob2018.com?

Is it easy for us to directly edit the website?


Here's where you provide the details for the ceremony. 

You'll want to include:

  • location addresses, the ceremony time and date.
  • Arrival instructions for guests
  • Some information about the ceremony - e.g. the type of ceremony (religious, humanist, civil etc.) and perhaps the name of the minister/celebrant who'll carry out the ceremony duties
  • Your policy on younger children attending the ceremony
  • Whether or not you'll be allowing guests to take photos during the ceremony
  • Any other special instructions or general messages to your guests 

Here's a great example:

The ceremony and reception will take place at Dunglass Estate, Cockburnspath, TD13 5XF (http://dunglassestate.com) at 2pm on Saturday 19th May 2018.

As you arrive at the venue, you will see the church where the wedding ceremony will take place and the marquee where the reception will be held. Please feel free to have a stroll around beforehand if time and weather permit.

The ceremony will be a Church of Scotland service, which will be conducted by Rev. Dr John McDonald.

Please don't worry if you're not familiar with the format of a Church of Scotland service. As long as you stand for the hymns and stay silent during the prayers (ideally joining in with both, but that's a personal choice) you'll be just fine. Confusing the two may cause eyebrows to be raised, but we'll all be far too British to say anything. When it comes to hymns, volume and enthusiasm are prized over technical ability, so please don't be shy!

There will be children present and they will, inevitably, join in in their own unique style. We view this as their way of helping us celebrate and we would urge parents not to feel embarrassed. Please only take your child outside if they are distressed or that you feel that no-one around you can hear the service.

We kindly request that guests keep all phones, tablets and cameras switched off throughout the ceremony.

Evening Reception

Here's where you'll provide some details about the evening reception, this may be a very short section and it may include some instructions for your evening guests

The evening reception will be held in the marquee opposite the church and starts at 7pm.

Mingling, dancing and general merriment are strongly encouraged!

Gift List

This bit is self explanatory! 

Please don't feel that you have to give us a wedding present. We know the costs in both time and money that will be involved in attending our wedding and - as trite as it sounds - turning up, determined to have a good time, is the best gift that you could give us.

Having said this, we know that some of you would prefer to give something. Again, we would like to stress that you really shouldn't feel like you have to but, if you would like to, we have some suggested options:


We are big fans of GiveWell (http://www.givewell.org). They evaluate charities to determine the most cost-effective at delivering measureable outcomes and direct you towards the option(s) that they feel are best. Donating to an effective charity, operating in the developing world, can allow you to make a far greater difference (in terms of quality-adjusted life years) than any UK charity could. Please visit their website if you get a chance. Don't be put off by talk of dollars, you will be redirected to a UK page which will allow Gift Aid to be added to your donation.


We know that some of you would prefer to give something tangible. With this in mind, we have arranged a gift list with John Lewis, which will open on 31/03/18. 

The gift list number is 1234567.

Please don't view the presence of this section as a requirement to get us a gift.


If you would like to give a gift and have your own idea about what you would like to get us then please don't be put off by the presence of a gift list.

Where to stay

It's always nice to provide guests with some accommodation options if they are travelling from farther away.

There are lots of places to stay near the venue, ranging from hotels to self-catering cottages and B&Bs. 
We have listed some links to help you search.


Website that lists self catered accommodation 

(please note most self catered accommodation requires a minimum 3 night stay)

Home Away


a local inn with 30 rooms


Booking.com -

a hotel search engine. Put Dunbar as the destination and select the dates you would like to stay. (Please note it will also list hotels in other towns so check the distance from the venue before you book).


Transport & Travel

​This one's fairly self explanatory!

We have arranged for a coach to leave from Waterloo Place in Edinburgh City Centre at 12.20pm for day guests and at 6.30pm for evening guests. The return coach will leave Dunglass at midnight.

The coach for day guests will make a stop at the Pine Marten Inn in Dunbar at approximately 1:00pm.

Please let us know if you would like to make use of the coaches by specifying in the RSVP section below.



When you send out your invitations, just include the web address and ask people to RSVP online. All responses will be stored in a central location that you'll get access to and you can even download an excel file at any time. You'll also get notifications via email when someone RSVPs. 

It would be great if you could let us know if you are able to come to the wedding and provide any extra info such as dietary requirements.

Wedding FAQs
(example of block colour instead of a photo)

If there's ​anything else that you want to communicate to your guests it can be quite effective to do it as FAQs - everyone will read them.

Here are some frequently asked questions to try to save you some time:

Q: Julie, why are you marrying that idiot?
A: Meh, he cooks.

Q: No, really, why are you marrying him?
A: I'm not sure... Stockholm Syndrome?

Q: How do I get to the venue?
A: There are a number of ways to get to the venue. It is just off the A1 (down a winding road) and taxis should be able to take you there from Dunbar or any other local town. There are also frequent trains from Edinburgh to Dunbar, which is only 10 minutes from the venue. There is free parking at the venue if you would like to bring your car or lift share. In addition, we will run coaches from Airdrie and Edinburgh. Please email us at julieandrobaregettingmarried@outlook.com  if you would like to book a place on one of the coaches.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Yes - only wear a bridal gown if you're the bride. As long as that rule is respected, women are welcome to dress entirely in accordance with their own taste and comfort. Men are welcome to wear kilts, suits, morning dress, pyjamas or whatever else they will feel most like themselves in (apart from a bridal gown). It should be noted, however, that clothes are not optional, regardless of gender and attractiveness. When choosing your outfit, please note that Dunglass is on the coast of Scotland, which can be chilly even in May! In addition, the church is semi-ruined and open to the elements. If it rains, you may get a bit soggy so bring a brolly!

Q: What's all this "true Scotsman" business?
A: Some people mistakenly insist that you're not allowed to wear underwear under a kilt. As our friend Fergus reliably informs us: "military dress regulations recommend the wearing of underpants if there is to be dancing with ladies present." Please wear underwear. Just do it.

Q: What shoes should I wear/not wear? 
A: Dunglass is a working estate with the church and marquee in the gardens. To avoid becoming a semi-permanent lawn ornament, stillettos are best avoided. Yes, we're talking to you, John. 

Q: Are kids welcome?
A: All kids (big and small) are welcome! We want to emphasise that this is a family wedding, which means that everyone is welcome. Please let us know if your children will be joining you so we can make sure they have colouring books, crayons, chainsaws, rusty bits of sharp metal etc to make sure they have fun.

Q: I have specific dietary requirements; will I be catered for?
A: Yes, we're not monsters.

Q: I dislike certain foods; will I be catered for?
A: Time will tell.

Q: Is there an official wedding hashtag?
A: Rob's feelings about social media are similar to most people's feelings about wasps (he can see a theoretical use for them, but he's happier when they're nowhere near him). Please respect his weird old man tendencies by keeping social media well away from our wedding.

Q: Am I allowed to elbow rivals out of the way to get a great photo of Julie coming up the aisle?
A: Unless your name is Dave Stewart, I'm afraid that you won't be allowed to take any photos during the wedding ceremony. We also ask that you don't take any photos during the speeches.

Q: Will the wedding feature a dove cannon?
A: No. The doves showed no regard for safety procedures, so we confiscated their artillery.

Q: Where are these embarrassing photos of Rob?
A: Oh, yeah. We lied about that to get you to look at the website. Sorry!

If we haven't answered your question, please feel free to email us at