The clients I work best with tend to relate to the 7 core values around which all of my wedding photography services are based:

1: Every engaged couple is unique,
2: Every family is unique,
3: Every wedding is unique,
4: I will listen to your needs,
5: I will respect you,
6: Your wedding photography is an ongoing, two-way process,
7: You must feel relaxed and at ease on your wedding day.

"We appreciated your patience, kindness, and flexibility throughout the wedding. It was great to have you as my photographer - you were very considerate and helpful and my family and friends commented on how good you were at approaching us at the right moment with gentle manner. I really appreciated your kindness and I was impressed with how timely, thorough and efficient you were. You were unobtrusive but always appeared at just the right moment. "

Lee & Robert, married in St Andrews, July 2017

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