Woodland Engagement Photoshoot – Yasmeen & Ryan

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Woodland Engagement Photoshoot – Yasmeen & Ryan

Woodland Engagement Photoshoot

Yasmeen & Ryan were very kind to join me this week for an engagement photoshoot, helping me out with some fresh portfolio images to share with you here.

They seemed to really enjoy themselves on the shoot and actually decided to book me as the photographer for their wedding at Loch Lomond in April next year, so double and triple thanks to you guys, I’m stoked to be shooting your wedding!

My pre-wedding photoshoots are very relaxed so that we can capture little snap-shots of your personality, rather than feeling you have to ‘play up’ to the camera. If you are interested in a no-obligation practice session before your wedding click here to enquire.



Interested in a no-obligation pre-wedding photoshoot?


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